Vaccination & Masking Policy


As we have throughout the pandemic, B’ham Hop remains committed to following all CDC guidelines and statewide directives. Your safety has and will continue to be our highest priority.

With all of this in mind, participation in B’ham Hop programming requires everyone in attendance to be fully vaccinated. This includes attendees, musicians, EVERYONE.  There will be no exceptions. Beyond the obvious safety considerations, CDC guidelines for large events make it impossible to participate if unvaccinated. We will ask for proof of vaccination at the door.

Anyone falsifying vaccination certification will be permanently banned from all future B’ham Hop dances, classes, and events.

To be 100% clear: It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Ain’t Got Vaccine.


Masks are currently required while attending our dances.

Yes, these protocols go further than the current recommendations by the CDC and the Washington State Department of Health. More information and science is certainly needed, yet until we get additional clarity, we are inclined to follow this latest recommendation as an added precaution against the Delta variant.

For the B’ham Hop team, we are more than happy to wear a mask if it means increased public health safety and ending this pandemic sooner. We hope you feel the same.

We will continue making whatever updates and adjustments are necessary, and will continue to run in-person programming only if it remains safe for the public to attend.

Social Dance Culture

We have prided ourselves on having built a welcoming community for all. Those same values remain essential to a return to in-person programming.

That said, the pandemic has had a profound impact on how we view interacting with others, particularly those who are new to us. Even the most social of us might not yet be ready to dance with someone they don’t know. For some, a night of only dancing with our partner might become the norm. Or you may feel best dancing within a “pod” of people. For others, it may seem like old times and you’ll dance with everyone in the room. We encourage everyone to take some time to reflect on their own comfort levels prior to attending the dances. It will be the responsibility of each individual person to make clear their own boundaries. 

This is going to require some upfront and mature conversation from everyone in attendance.   It’s going to be an adjustment for everyone with some bumps along the way. We hope all of us can embrace this shift with patience and grace.

Vaccination and Masking Policy adapted from Swing It Seattle with permission.