Meet the Team

B’ham Hop was conceived of by our founder, Bailey McCully. The dream was then carried forward by the intrepid trio that is Pace Rubadeau, Stephanie Demetreon, and Damian Cade. For a year these three made up the core team that organized our dances and classes, booked the bands, and created a welcoming community space for jazz week in and week out. Then, in the Summer of 2022 they were joined by Adam Lewis and Rosy Montoya, bringing the merry band to 5. In the Fall of 2022 Bailey McCully returned triumphantly to Bellingham, and rounded out the crew to a fabulous 6.

Pace Rubadeau – Volunteer Coordinator and Live Band Booker (he/him)

A trumpet player and veteran of the Army Band, Pace has traveled across four continents and performed in all fifty states. The fortuitous journey eventually brought him to Portland, Oregon, where he learned firsthand from the city’s vibrant swing dance community. After founding early jazz outfit Inspirational Beets, the band worked with countless musicians, dancers, and deejays to build a diverse series of immersion-based events inspired by the sound and fashion of the Prohibition era. Pace moved to Bellingham in 2015, where he immediately began working to expand and unite the scene. He lives in Lettered Streets near a magic parking lot that became a therapeutic spot to serenade the neighborhood during a difficult time. Graffiti by Ruckas at Girard and D Street, courtesy of Sattva Photo

Stephanie Demetreon – Instructor (she/her)

Stephanie started swing dancing in 2015 and has been teaching since 2017. She started dancing at WWU Swing Kids in order to make friends but quickly fell in love with the dance and it’s community. Stephanie graduated from WWU with a degree in Communication Studies in 2019. Her love of dancing and teaching has taken her all over Washington and even to Canada and Greece! Stephanie strives to provide a safe and joyous space for the community to connect with each other and themselves through dance and music.

If you’re interested in taking private lessons, send an e-mail to to inquire/schedule.

Damian Cade – Instructor (he/him)

Damian began his dance training in the winter of 2008. His first and true love is Swing Dance; Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, and Balboa are permanent residents in his heart. He studied Modern Dance at the University of Washington where he received his dance minor in 2011. Since then he has continued his swing dance education at regional events, and has competed both nationally and internationally. Damian has been teaching for events and workshops since 2009, and locally at various studios in Bellingham since December 2015.

If you’re interested in taking private lessons, send an e-mail to to inquire/schedule. 

Bailey McCully – Founder, Instructor (she/her)

Bailey began swing dancing in 2012, and has been teaching since 2015. She studied Theatre and English education at WWU, and teaching is her passion. She loves sharing her joy for dance with her students and brings a fun and inviting feel to her classes. Bailey has traveled to learn and teach internationally, and loves bringing what she learns back to Bellingham. She teaches swing dancing in a way that makes it accessible to anyone willing to learn, and encourages her students to find their own groove and style.