The B’ham Swing Jam: April 28-30, 2017

Our second annual swing dance weekend in Bellingham, Washington, is taking place April 27-29 2018. Three days of classes, dancing, and music: BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have our Indigogo linked here, so please check it out!


We want to bring together dancers, teachers, and bands from the Pacific Northwest in Bellingham, Washington to help inspire and encourage the small but growing B’ham dance community.


Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a lunch meat. It’s a city with fantastic parks, a beautiful coastline, the nicest people, and, we would argue, excellent food. Bellingham is perfectly situated between the thriving swing dance scenes of Seattle and Vancouver. Instructors, dancers, and bands can meet in the middle in neutral territory (yes, it’s on American soil, but we promise impartiality) to exchange ideas, and celebrate dance.


B’ham Hop, the organization responsible for the Swing Jam, is an adventure, undertaken by dauntless swing adventurers, and led by our Grey Wizard, Bailey McCully. We, the Bellinghamsters, strive to promote positivitycommunity building, and simply getting weird while having as much fun dancing as we possibly can. A small scene with a big heart, we are excited to share our city and our love for this dance with all of you!


Three nights of dancing including a Saturday late night, two tracks of workshops in Lindy Hop and solo jazz, funky late night comps and performances. Word on the street has it that we’ll also be taking the whole group of Swing Jammers to our favorite spot along the coast to roast marshmallows over a fire…

We’re a ragtag band of heroes up against all odds. Like any good adventure story, ours involves a noble goal and a rad party at the end. If we could bankroll this ourselves, we would,but we need your help!


Our campaign is pitched with three targets:.

  • Our minimum target of $7,500 will bring 3 instructors to Bellingham to band together with local teachers, along with one live band for our Saturday night dance, and marshmallows.
  • Our gettin’ fancy target of $10,000 will add two more live music nights to the lineup to keep us swinging all the time.
  • Our whoa, what just happened target of $12,000 will bring in 2 more teachers to the B’ham Swing Jam!

The following teachers have offered their support and will be joining us if we meet first goal:

  • Out of town fancy folks: Ben White, Ariel Goh, and Nika Jin
  • Local lovely lineup: Bailey McCully, Damian Cade, and Tabetha Clark

Here is what we have in store for the three days of the Swing Jam:

  • FRIDAY: Welcome dance, instructor demos, after-dance marshmallow toast on the beach
  • SATURDAY:  Track classes, elective classes, solo jazz mini-track classes, evening dance with live music, special guest performances, late night dance with performances and competitions every hour!
  • SUNDAY: Track classes, elective classes, solo jazz mini-track, farewell evening dance, hugs and thank you’s

Ok, I’m sold, I will join the fellowship and bring the swing dancing to Bellingham.

$10– You get to vote on which late night competitions we include. Last year involved flag football dancing, what will this year hold?

$15– Bellinghamsters will shout your name in a ridiculous cacophony, while swinging out. This will be filmed. You will see it. (Join this perk before January 29!)

$20– Handwritten thank you postcard featuring B’ham Swing Jam artwork, and we’ll shout your name in the cacophony.

$30– Hand-painted thank you card. Heartfulness will be greatly given; artfulness not guaranteed. We’ll also shout your name in the cacophony.

$50– Solo-jazz challenge book! Get the 30-day solo jazz challenge book, self-published and painted by Bailey McCully. See #30daysofsolojazz on instagram for examples.

$85– Party pass: entry to all evening and late night dances.

$130– Provide a scholarship to a local dancer and help someone experience the joy of the Jam!

$125– Early Bird (SOLD OUT!). Give yourself the gift of attending the 2018 B’ham Swing Jam. Only 10 available.

$135– Spring Chicken. Give yourself the gift of attending the 2018 B’ham Swing Jam. Only 15 available.

$145– Migrating Goose. Give yourself the gift of attending the 2018 B’ham Swing Jam.

$500– Ostrich. Be the biggest bird, and leave your mark on this event by going above and beyond. Sure, ostriches can’t fly, but neither can humans. You’ll receive a full weekend pass, AND Bailey and Damian will choreograph a dance involving the props and dance moves you crave, and we’ll perform it at the late night. You want us to shorty george while carrying teacups and a rubber chicken? You got it!

$1000– Pterodactyl. Wow. Just wow. You get a pass to the event, a double serving of marshmallows, the warm fuzzy feelings knowing how much you’ve helped, AND we’ll work with you to make sure you’re recognized in the way you’d like best ❤

Other ways of supporting the B’ham Swing Jam:

  1. Tell your friends! Help us spread the word by telling your friends about the Swing Jam!
  2. Instafacechat! Spread the word by sharing our Indiegogo on social media!
  3. Posters and paper! Once we have funds raised, we will have posters and handbills to share! Contact us so we can send you some snail mail delights to share with your local scene! Fold a poster into a paper airplane and send the word flying!