Instructors and Bands


Friday: Hot House (Bellingham)

Hot House is a Bellingham-based acoustic collective honoring music from one of the most important eras in American history: Prohibition and The Great Depression. While their repertoire offers something for everyone, those of the fancy feet persuasion will particularly dig on their high and happy sound.

Saturday: The Jen Hodge All Stars (Vancouver)

Busy Vancouver bass player Jen Hodge is a versatile musician who can be found playing with a wide variety of artists all over the world.  When Jen is leading the band, she likes it hot – hard swinging grooves, boisterous New Orleans style horns, cheeky lyrics, clever arrangements, plenty of spontaneous fun, and an evident, infectious love for making music.  Jen‘s particular expertise in the arena of traditional jazz and swing music has taken her to stages all over Canada, the USA, China, Spain, France, the UK, and the Caribbean.  On home turf, Jen can be found leading a band on Wednesday nights at Guilt & Co, a bar in Vancouver’s historic Gastown district, where she has held a regular gig since January 2011.

Sunday: Greg Ruby (Seattle)

Greg Ruby is a Seattle-based guitarist who performs and composes vintage jazz in a range of styles—Hot Club, Prohibition-era, traditional New Orleans and European café jazz.




Ann Mony

Ann Mony strives to make every dance a unique and memorable one. Known for her playful style and the joy that she exudes while dancing, she travels as often as she can to share her love of lindy hop through classes, competitions, performances, and social dances. She is committed to preserving the improvisational link between lindy hop and jazz, empowering followers, and celebrating the cultural wealth of vernacular jazz dances.

Ann fell madly in love with swing dancing in 2002. Over the next few years in Montreal she honed her skills as a dancer, competitor, and teacher. She holds titles from such events as the International Lindy Hop Championships, American Lindy Hop Championships, Canadian Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Jitterbug, and Lindy Focus. Through her classes and performances she hopes to add to the legacy of unique and powerful dancers in lindy hop.

Ann is also an active organizer and scene-builder in San Francisco. She runs Shimmytown and helps organize Fog City StompJassberry Jam, and The Bootleggers Ball.


Ryan Calloway

Ryan Calloway shines on the dance floor. His enthusiasm, buoyant rhythm and boundless creativity make him one of San Francisco’s best known Lindy Hop leaders. Most nights you’ll find him pounding the floor at one of the city’s local jazz and swing clubs.

Ryan’s goal as a teacher is to inspire his students to find their own creativity. With an open and warm style, he welcomes individuals to not only learn the traditions of Vintage Jazz Dance, but to add to it as well. Having worked for seven years as a Visual Effects Artist for ILM, you might have caught some of his work on the silver screen. It’s this type of artistry that is so apparent in his dancing. It’s not just his technique that shines, it’s his attention to the aesthetic quality as well. For more on Ryan’s art, check out his site at or on Instagram @ryancallowayart.

Ryan is also passionate about carrying on the tradition of Hot Jazz music. He is the clarinetist and bandleader of the San Francisco based band, The Hot Baked Goods.

Lindy Hop has taken Ryan Calloway around the world, having taught in Singapore and throughout the US. But you’ll only need to look as far as his smile to see how much he truly loves the dance.



Ariel Goh

Ariel Goh regularly performs and teaches in the greater Seattle area, and her competition titles include placing in the Camp Jitterbug Advanced Strictly and the ILHC Advanced Strictly, and taking first place in the Lindy Bout Knockdown Jack & Jill , RCMA Jack & Jill, and Inspiration Weekend Strictly and Jack & Jill.

Ariel doesn’t have what you’d call a traditional dance background. Her movement history includes martial arts and barre. She’s a firm believer that you don’t have to have prior training to excel at lindy hop, and is passionate about finding the fitness, health, and time to dance in everyday life.

There’s a special place in her heart for solo jazz dancing and helping followers be badasses, as well as vintage fashion for both men & women. She loves working with people to help them find their voice in dancing and be as comfortable and considerate a partner as possible.


Leo Newman

It’s not the destination: it’s the journey.” Léo started dancing over a decade ago and has been unstoppably enthusiastic ever since. In Vancouver, he was a founding member of the performance group Hot Koko and one of the main instructors at Rhythm City Productions.

Traveling for workshops, dance events, and jazz festivals, Léo is a zealous advocate for the lessons that can only be taught through active social dancing. He recently had the honour of teaching at the world-renowned Herräng Dance Camp. A keen competitor from the start, he has won or placed in numerous competitions from Lindy Bout in Vancouver to Harlem in Lithuania.


Kevin Buster

Kevin Buster has been dancing for 18 years. He has studied with original master Savoy swing dancers like: Frank Manning, Norma Miller, Sugar Sullivan and Dawn Hampton and also with master swing dancer Lennart Westerlund (leader of the Rhythm Hotshots and Harlem Hotshots). Kevin has been studying the relationship of Swing, Tap, and African dancing. His study has taken him to Guinea West Africa to learn from Grand Master Sorell and Youssouf Kombassa both of Les Ballets Africains. Kevin Has been studying tap dance for 7 years. He is also a saxophonist, flutist, and clarinetist. He has been making music for 20 years. He plays swing, blues, and jazz music with various local bands in the Seattle area. Kevin’s strong musicality, patience and improvisational ability ensure fun and exciting classes for all dancers regardless of ability.