Instructors and Bands


Bailey McCully:


Bailey McCully believes swing dancing is, at its core, having fun to good jazz music: the kind of music that tells you that you have to move and groove. Her classes are fun, energetic, and most importantly, student centered. Bailey focuses on teaching students about how they can move rather than how they should move. Bailey loves to explore personal style and creativity with her students, and seeks to help each dancer find the way they like to move and express themselves. Bailey especially enjoys encouraging follows (but really everyone!!) to be their badass selves, and to have a bold, unapologetic voice while dancing.  Dancing with a partner or dancing solo, Bailey exudes the joy of jazz with every step.

Nika Jin:

Nika started teaching and organizing Good Jazz Times in Eugene, OR in 2012. It still blows her mind that that she is allowed to extend her arms past her body.  She loves sharing dance and strives to bring an open-mind, unbridled enthusiasm, and a little bit of funk to the classroom and/or dance floor. When not dancing, she fills her life with burritos, trees, and books about burritos and/or trees.


The Hot House Jazz Band


A wonderful assortment of Bellingham musicians, this band plays music that will take you back to the smoky ballrooms of the 1930’s. Their music is a true treasure to dance to, and the B’ham Tiny Jam is so excited to collaborate with such a lovely band.

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